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Ultima actualizare: 22/02/2011:
  • Laborator

  • Teme de proiect

    • 1. My ping
      Use the ICMP protocol to request "echo" from destination.

    • 2. My traceroute
      Using the ICMP echo protocol, carefully track the messages down to the destined host.
      The TTL is incremented for every reply back.
      Note: if any router does not reply, the program waits indefinitely.

    • 3. Adding Security to Network Programs with SSL
      Demonstrate an SSL server/client communications.

    • 4. Simple web server.

    • 5. FTP server.

    • 6. FTP client.

    • 7. Write a client program which allows a user to "cd" into directories on the remote server, get file listings and examine file contents. The client should be command driven and support the following commands:
      * cd
      * ls
      * view

    • 8. Port Scanning - TCP connect() scanning.

    • 9. Port Scanning - TCP SYN (half open) scanning.

    • 10. Port Scanning - TCP FIN (stealth) scanning.

    • 11. Port Scanning - UDP recvfrom() scanning.

    • 12. Port Scanning - UDP raw ICMP port unreachable scanning.

    • 13. Port Scanning - ICMP scanning (ping-sweep).

    • 14. Sniffer - capture and analyzing IP packets.
      References: www.tcpdump.org/pcap.htm

    • 15. Sniffer - capture and analyzing TCP packets.
      References: www.tcpdump.org/pcap.htm

    • 16. Tool for capturing Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) packets from a local network interface.
      References: www.tcpdump.org/pcap.htm

    Conditii necesare

  • sistem de operare: Linux
  • limbaj de programare: C, bibliotecile Libpcap, Libnet si OpenSSL
  • cunostinte necesare: Linux, Linux administration
  • durata de lucru: 7 saptamani
  • lucrul in echipa: 3-4 studenti

    Cerinte de predare

  • program software: codul sursa comentat
  • rularea si testarea aplicatiei
  • prezentarea si sustinerea in PowerPoint
  • Referinte

    • Software de telecomunicatii, note de curs
    • Software de telecomunicatii, laborator [link]