Department of Communications
Data Communications, Politehnica International


Last update 17/01/10 - Updated slides and list of subjects the exam !!! Caution: courses 1-4 contain notes pages
  • Subjects for the exam [pdf]

  • Course material.

    • Basic Concepts of Data Communications [pdf]
    • Channels: capacity, impairments [pdf]
    • Digital Encoding of the Baseband Signals [pdf]
    • Baseband Data Transmissions [pdf]
    • Linear Modulations [pdf]
    • Frequency Modulation [pdf]
    • Phase Modulation [pdf]
    • Bit synchronization [pdf]
    • Modems [pdf]
    • Interfaces [pdf]
    • OFDM [pdf]

    Further bibliography:
    1. William Stallings, "Data and Computer Communications, fifth edition", Prentice Hall Int., 1997.
    2. J. A. C. Bingham, "Theory and Practice of Modem Design", John Wiley & Sons, 1988.
    3. G. Held, "Understanding Data Communications, seventh edition", Addison-Wesley Professional, 2002.
  • Laboratory:

      MAC layer in LANs
    • MAC Layer of the Ethernet network [pdf]
    • Token-Ring networks [pdf]
    • Interconnecting the LANs [pdf]
    • Baseband transmissions (BB)
    • Digital encoding of the baseband signals [pdf]
    • Baseband transmissions (BB), without Inter-Symbol Interference ISI. [pdf]
    • Baseband transmissions (BB), with controlled Inter-Symbol Interference ISI [pdf]