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The study of electronics at the Politehnica University of Timisoara was introduced in 1931, by professor Remus Radulet, member of the Romanian Academy.
In 1965 the specialization of Computer Science was set up at the Faculty of Electric Engineering. It was followed in 1970 by the specialization of Electronics and Telecommunications. In 1974 the department of Electronics-Automation-Measurements was founded.
In 1976 the Faculty of Electric Engineering moved its headquarters to the present faculty building. In this way, the number of laboratories and the endowments were substantially increased.
In 1990 the specialization of Electronics and Telecommunications became the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications. Starting 1991 there is also a short-cycle higher education program (College level). In 1994 the Thoroughgoing Study program was introduced. It was followed by the Master of Science degree in 1999.
Our Faculty provides specialized training of engineers in electronics and telecommunications. It provides two areas of specialization: Applied Electronics and Telecommunications. The College provides specialized training in the field of Electronics, Communications and Postal Services, and also Audio-video and Multimedia Technologies. The faculty has three departments:
- Applied Electronics;
- Communications;
- Measurements and Optical Electronics,
and has also collaborations with the other departments like Mathematics, Physics, Electrotechnical Basics, Mechanical Engineering, Management, etc. The teaching is based on modern methods especially with respect to practical activities. Special attention is paid to applied informatics. The faculty provides postgraduate programs for specialists working in research, industry and education. The teaching staff devotes a considerable amount of time to research.

Communications Department
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