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Admission to TELECOM Bretagne: students from the "Politehnica" University of Timisoara, especially those from the Electronics & Telecommunications Faculty and Automatics & Computer Faculty, studying in the final years, who would like more informations about their chances can contact Sorin Moga, the person in charge with this programme.

Engineers - years I-IV

Communication engineering prepare the students, offering them solid and fundamental knowledge, necessare tools in this area. A series of classes allow our students to get to know better specific areas, such as communications integrated systems, network communications or multimedia. The students from the final year have the possibility to make their diploma abroad or in collaboration with important telecom companies.

Masters in communication

Masters allow narrowing further a research area from a wide variety of research domains.

PhD studies

PhD studies are destined for those interested in following a research and teaching carrier, offering the opportunity of participating in research projects under the Faculty's supervision.

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